samurai rod belts tip protectors

Samurai rod belts and tip protector

TRANSPORTING fishing rods is often fraught with danger.

Bundles of rods are hard to carry, often arranged more like a game of pick up sticks than an easy to carry group of fish-catching devices. They splay all over the place and invariably get damaged. Samurai Rod Belts are made of high-quality neoprene and Velcro and are designed to make it easy to transport multiple rods without the hassle of trying to carry multiple individual outfits.

They are slightly stretchy and come in two sizes of small and medium. Simply wrap one around your group of rods near the butt end and another near the tip and voila, neat and tidy.

While transporting rods, even in neatly arranged groups, you wouldn’t be the first fisher who has smashed the tip of your favourite rod into something and ruined it. The Samurai rod tip protector is designed to protect your rod tip from damage during transport.

Made from the same material as wetsuits, the tip protector is easy to slip on and protects the sensitive part of your rod.

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