savwinch world-winning sss winch

Savwinch shows world-winning designs

IN 2017 Savwinch introduced the world’s first and only complete 316 stainless steel winch, the SSS range!

Like the SS winches, these are fully sealed 316 stainless steel motors that also feature a full 316 stainless steel gearbox. Our SSS winches are the Rolls-Royce of winches – you cannot find anything better.

Savwinch is proud to have the world’s first Electronic Fast Fall system, with a patented world-winning design. It is mechanical clutch free, which increases the speed of the motor on the way down, comparably as fast as you can freely drop your anchor.

Other winch brands go up just as fast as they go down, which draws more current and could lead to overloads, battery drainage and winch failure. Regardless, the Savwinch Fast Fall system drops significantly faster than a fixed-speed winch.

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