Avenger Sports
With its deep sides and powerful 115hp Yamaha you’re ready to tackle anything.

Sea Jay 5.38 Avenger Sports a stunner

Avenger Sports
The full transom and rear casting platform make this boat a true all-rounder.
Large side pockets provide good storage.
More storage is found under the front casting platform.
Heaps of room on the front casting platform.
Sea Jay’s Adrenalin Hull is a proven performer.
Avenger Sports
This is a big side console.

IT’S often said in the marine industry there is no substitute for length, and that is certainly the case with Sea Jay’s new 5.38 Avenger Sports model.

The Sea Jay Avenger Sports line-up already looked pretty good, with models ranging from 4.25m to 4.88m, but this new 5.38m example has raised the bar again. Not only is it half a metre longer, the beam is 5cm wider and hull 3cm deeper, which makes it noticeably bigger to the eye and improves performance.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no problem with the 4.88 model or any of the others in the range, but if you are after a big capable sports fishing boat, the 5.38 Avenger Sports is the one for you. Obviously, like any boat, making the choice comes down to how you plan to use your vessel and what the finances will allow, but if you are keen to have a big all-rounder, then the 5.38 is worth a look.

The test boat was fitted with the maximum horsepower in the form of a 115hp Yamaha four-stroke. To be honest, I think the boat could have handled a bigger engine due to its quality hull design and solid build. In any case, with over half a tank of fuel and two people on board the 115hp Yammie easily jumped the boat onto the plane and quickly hit a top speed of about 74km/h.

With the throttle wide open and the engine revving at 6000rpm, fuel consumption was impressive at roughly 1.85km travelled per litre of fuel used.
However, knock the revs back to 3000-3500rpm and the Yammie delivered numbers of over 3km per litre travelled, and still at up to 40km/h.
These numbers indicate a good match between boat and hull, which is what you want and expect from both these reputable companies.

The Avenger Sports range, aside from the 4.25, all feature Sea Jay’s Adrenalin Hull, which is one of the company’s trademark designs. Over 25 years of development lies behind the family owned business based in Bundaberg, ensuring a product that has been refined to deliver optimum performance and ride. Also included in the standard package are a plastic anchor well, front and rear casting platforms, side console with glovebox and drink holders, electric motor plate, live bait tank, external keel, side pockets, underfloor flotation and the list goes on.

So aside from some electronics, which can easily be fitted by the dealer, basically everything is included so you are ready to hit the water and enjoy wherever your fishing dreams take you. It is worth noting Sea Jay can customise the boat if your requirements are above and beyond the standard inclusions.

However, Troy and the team have done a top job of making sure everything is where it should be so you will have years of trouble-free boating. One thing that often gets overlooked and something Sea Jay should be applauded for is attention to even the smallest detail. It is evident in the quality of the welding and paint jobs, and in each casting platform, which is cut specifically for each individual boat.

This means you won’t be losing any small pieces of tackle down gaps where the deck meets the side of the boat, and also helps make the boat feel very solid as you punch through serious chop and big waves. This ability to punch through chop is aided by the solid external keel, which also provides protection to the hull if you must pull up directly on a ramp or rocky ground.

Given this is the daddy of the range, my expectations for a top ride were well and truly met. It was great to be able to freely walk around this big open sports fishing boat, imagining all the fishing scenarios this boat would be perfect for. While I have probably harped on about the Avenger Sports’ fishability, it could double as a family fun boat and easily pull wakeboards and tubes all day with the 115-litre fuel capacity and economical power plant.

Something you’ll notice if you go to your local dealer to check out the 5.38 Avenger Sports is its significant depth, freeboard and full transom, which enhance its fishability. These attributes give you the option of going on offshore adventures while the family is kept safely inside the boat. Overall, while mainly a dedicated fishing machine, the Sea Jay Avenger Sports ticks enough boxes to double as a fun family vessel to keep the kids and partner happy.

For more information on the full Sea Jay range, check out seajayboats.com.au

The website also lists all the dealers to help you find the closest one to you so you can check out this boat in person. To see this rig in action, see the video on our BNBFTV YouTube channel.


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