Shimano Ocea EX8 Line (Product News)

DESIGNED with the highest-quality Dyneema fibres and woven with Shimano Tuff Cross construction, the super-silky eight-strand Shimano Ocea EX8 PE line will see you confront and push new angling limits.

Ocea EX8 is incredibly thin and smooth for its strength, allowing anglers to fish in depths, currents and conditions that were previously unobtainable, while at the same time offering greater feel and sensitivity.

Ocea EX8 resized

With less than 1 percent elongation under load, Ocea EX8 PE line ensures that whatever happens at the lure end is translated to the angler in an instant.

The braid is available in spools of 300-400m and line weights of PE 1 to PE 8.

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