Steez Soft Shell 90

The Steez Soft Shell is a uniquely designed soft vibration bait developed in Australia to deliver anglers a new take on the soft vibration lure concept.

Designed with two crawfish-like appendages to impart a unique action as the lure sinks to the bottom, the Soft Shell will rest with the claws up, thanks to the stand-up design of the head and the buoyant nature of the material.


Designed to be fished close to the bottom with either a hopping or shaking retrieve, the Soft Shell excels on our freshwater predator species such as yellowbelly, barramundi, Australian bass and more.

When in saltwater, it draws strikes from prawn feeding species such as flathead, mulloway and snapper.

The Steez Soft Shell can be rigged numerous ways and comes standard with both stinger hooks and BKK Fang treble hooks in the pack.


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