Sunshine Coast weather has turned it on

Mangrove-JackHi there anglers,
We are now in full swing of the Easter break and after the mixed start weather-wise it has really turned it on. The sun has been out and will continue to do so through the weekend. There will be scattered showers but the wind won’t get over 15 knots and the swell will remain at a steady 1.4m. For up to date reports for the start of the week click the links to our facebook page and website.
There is still some fresh water feeding the river systems at present. Fish light, with fluorocarbon leader and sinkers as light as the current allows. Give soft plastics a go and explore the river frontage for that spot that is too much effort for most to access. The Maroochy River has been fishing well around Chambers Island, Goat Island and around the cod Hole. Plenty of flatty’s and whiting in the clean water, try around Pincusion and the mouth for the cleaner water. Labalsa Park and the river mouth have had great success with plenty of whiting, bream and flathead around the basin and the rock walls have had some squire and grunter. Still plenty of action in the canals and man-made area’s with trevalley and Mangrove Jack still hitting small bait fish along the banks. The mud crabs will be throughout all river systems especially with the fresh water. Best baits are pilly, prawns and beach worms. Use mullet heads in your crab pots.
There have been some great gutters around Pt Cartwright. Dawn and dusk with big baits can land you a magnificent Jew Fish. There is still plenty of Dart in the gutters during the day but they do disappear with the light. Use prawns, beach worms and pipi’s for the Dart as these are the best bait for beach fishing.

Mackerel are still around and my theory is they are more aggressive with the intrusion of the tuna and are fighting for a feed. In theory the bigger ones are easier to entice as long as there in range. Murphys and Gneering have seen an abundance of pearl perch, grassy sweetlip and snapper. The Banks is always a good area to fish for a variety of species. If you’re anchoring up use some burley to bring the fish to you. Try pellets, tuna oil and burley logs. The best baits are Squid and Pilly.
We now have a Youtube Channel so jump on and check some of the informative video’s we are
posting up. We would also consider adding any home video’s, of great action be it river, ocean or
beach. Please keep it PG.

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