Tackling Moreton Bay with Tackle Land

Where was this awesome weather 3 weeks ago?? Really happy to see it for the end of the School Holidays as it has allowed families to get out and about, chase some fish and put a cracker finish to the holidays.

Being able to get out and about in the local area I have found a few families braving the heat and having a great time while tackling our waterways. Young 3 ½ year old Chet was certainly having a cracker time with the family, showing all the right moves and his main mission, “Bring a feed of fish home for the family” Well done Chet and I hope you succeeded with your mission!

I ventured out on the Shorncliffe Pier quite a few times to check out the fishing action and I came across a local family that I think have done this whole family fishing business a few times before. I grabbed a photo before I was told, in detail about the Toadies, little Bream and a Monster that stole their hooks moments before! I think we have all encountered this monster once or twice. It was a great moment to see all 4 sitting there, chatting and fishing together.

I also came across two of the bigger kids’ variety being Luke and Chris who through the holidays grabbed any opportunity to get out and chase one of their favourites “the mangrove jack”, and as you can tell they found a couple of crackers in the local Brisbane area using hard-bodied lures! Well done lads, great catch.

For those tackling Moreton Bay, we’re hearing reports of great numbers of Mackies and plenty of Snapper being taken as well. So, get out there, throw some slugs or just drown some pillies but make every moment of the awesome weather count!

Maintain the Passion!


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