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Megabass X-Drift (Product News)

It is engineered to drift down, respond to a lift and fall again in high-current areas. Its design means it can cut through the water and stay down where the fish are without being carried away to unproductive areas. The X-Drift is balanced to sink head down, reducing the chances of getting snagged, and it comes rigged with a single …

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Austackle Berserka

THE Austackle Berserka is a sinking, high-speed trolling/casting lure with a violent action. It can be trolled up to seven knots with ease. Mimicking a frantic and terrified baitfish, the Berserka is suited to all kinds of pelagics and other species such as mackerel, tuna, wahoo, dolphinfish and barramundi. With a resounding rattle, vivid flash and wild action, the Berserka …

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