Megabass X-Drift (Product News)

IT’S always difficult to fish in areas with high current such as around bridges, rock walls and river bends with large tides and fluctuating bottom topography due to the difficult and strong water movement.

The Megabass X-Drift is a vibration-style lure and has been designed with a ribbed body that imitates a prawn.

XDrift sm

It is engineered to drift down, respond to a lift and fall again in high-current areas.

Its design means it can cut through the water and stay down where the fish are without being carried away to unproductive areas.

The X-Drift is balanced to sink head down, reducing the chances of getting snagged, and it comes rigged with a single strong treble midway that rotates 360 degrees, reducing awkward bite angles that can result in a pulled hook.

In order to maintain the sinking angle, a fish attractant hangs off the rear hook point instead of another treble.

The Megabass X-Drift is 68mm long, weighs 14g and comes in six fantastic colours including Sexy Goby, Shell Skin Pink, Clear Saimaki, Shell Skin Lemon, GLX Daylight Shrimp and Glass Shrimp.

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