Techniice 42-litre 4WD Fridge/Freezer

TECHNIICE has just released its new off-road 42-litre fridge/freezers.

Featuring automatic changeover from 12V to 240V upon detecting mains voltage, these units also come with a trusted Danfoss compressor and feature stainless steel hardware including hinges, handles and latches.

These fridges have hugely insulated walls and lids that provide perfect thermal integrity to reduce compressor cycling, which in turn results in these Techniice Fridge/Freezers being some of the most efficient units on the market with the lowest battery drain.

As with a lot of the Techniice products, they are designed to be used by the company’s many commercial customers and organisations on a daily basis and as such come with class-leading warranties and one of the largest service networks in Australia.

These fridge/freezers come in 42, 60 (dual and single zone), 80 (dual and single zone) and 95-litre (dual and single zone) sizes.

These are better built off-road fridge freezers than many of the units that can be found in retail stores and offer great value for money for those looking for something that goes beyond domestic quality engineering.

Visit for more information and to buy your fridge/freezer today. l l l l l l l l l l l l l

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