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The FG Wizz provides a simple and effective way to tie the FG knot quickly and consistently. Clear instructions make it easy.

The FG Wizz is a great gift for any fisho

FROM time to time a new product appears that can make a positive difference to your fishing and save time and effort.

I have had the opportunity to test drive a fantastic Australian-designed and manufactured product over the past month or so. It would make an ideal Christmas gift for that special angler in your life… or if you’re like me, maybe a ‘self-gifting’ idea.

This fantastic yet simple Australian-designed and manufactured invention makes tying the FG knot a breeze. I came across the FG Wizz when it popped up on my Facebook feed with plenty of supporting information and video demonstrations of it in use. I emailed the designer/manufacturer Ray to gather some more information and he offered to send me a sample to test.

For me, the interest in having the opportunity to try out the FG Wizz was the fact my favourite knot for joining main line braid to leader is the FG knot. It is a very strong knot that slides through rod guides easily. While I can tie the FG knot without the FG Wizz, there is no way that I can tie it as quickly, consistently, reliably and effectively as I was able to with the FG Wizz.

When I tied the FG knot previously, I sometimes had failures due to the line wraps not being even/tight as I held them or as a result of a loss of tension as I tied it with one set of fingers while wrapping the line with the others. The unique design of the FG Wizz ensures your line wraps are even and keeps the tension on the line as you tie the knot.

I made the most of the opportunity to use the FG Wizz while at 1770 and was able to use it to tie FG knots in both heavy and light main lines to leaders.
For me, the consistency, reliability and speed with which the FG knot can be tied using the FG Wizz makes it a perfect addition to the kit of any angler who prefers to use the FG knot.

At the time I contacted Ray, he had just made further tweaks to his design, particularly in terms of improving the bobbin design to enable a full range of line sizes to be used. An easy-to-navigate Facebook page and website ensures all the info you need is easily accessed. The instructions that come with the FG Wizz also make tying the FG knot a breeze.

At $44 each including tracked postage, it is a winner for anybody who prefers to use the FG knot. If you want more details, you can contact Ray via fgwizz@bigpond.com or visit the website.

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