The Great Aussie Crab Pot Recovery

Lurking below the surface is a growing threat to marine habitat and your next big catch. Piles of lost, abandoned, and discarded crab pots, known as ghost gear, are accumulating in popular fishing spots.

In partnership with with OceanEarth Foundation, through its Ghostnets Australia program, OzFish Unlimited are on a mission to remove abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing gear (ghost gear) from our delicate marine environments.


For years we have been hearing about piles of abandoned crab pots accumulating in popular fishing spots in the southern Gulf of Carpentaria, so in 2024, we are launching the Great Aussie Crab Pot Recovery! We are on our way north to clean some of these up, but more importantly, we are interested in turning off the tap.

Crab pots used incorrectly are becoming a serious threat to the marine environment. In a bid to address the growing impact, the Great Aussie Crab Pot Recovery has been launched.

To do this, we need to better understand the issue, allowing us to have informed discussions with both rec fishers and industry. By filling out this short 3-minute survey, you are helping us to find a solution so that we can reduce the accumulation of ghost gear and stop it at the source.

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