Tips for Moreton Bay kingfish and snapper

Over the past few months, the weather wasn’t able to make up its mind about what it wanted to do. This makes things a little frustrating when all you want to do is go fishing for kingfish and snapper!

I was always told, never waste a good day to hit the water and never waste a bad day, get ready to hit the water. Good advice that occasionally seems so logical.

Well, we have a couple of larrikins who never waste a good day or even a semi-good day on the water – Captain Jack and his number one deckhand Dan. This pair have been seen all over the Moreton Bay area, having fun, losing tackle, breaking reels and even landing a few fish.


Dan’s methods may be a little unorthodox when it comes to fishing but he gets results.


Dan gave the local snapper a bit of a pasting before and after the last closure – putting a few quality snapper onboard.

Dan’s methods may be a little unorthodox when it comes to fishing, but he gets results.

The snapper pictured are only a couple that fell victim to Dan and Jack’s bait.

On one of their frequent outings to Moreton Bay, they invited Ty from The Bay Today to join them for ‘the mission’. Their goal was to head to Moreton Island to see if they could grab a feed of kingfish for the table.

Jack started well, with plenty of hook ups but, unfortunately, he was unable to convert any of the three nice fish he’d hooked.


Drew was rewarded with a good fight on light gear and managed a nice Brisbane River snapper.


Dan, on the other hand, got into a brute of a kingfish that put him through the wringer and took as much line off the reel as Dan put back on. Eventually Jack gaffed the horse kingie and brought it aboard – all 19kg of it. It was a cracker and made for the catch of the day.

Jack managed to bring a couple of fish onboard, after Dan gave him a few pearls of his wisdom, which was very thoughtful, and no doubt greatly appreciated by Jack.

Ty even managed to land a couple of nice kingfish too, which made for a good all-round trip for the fishos. The only casualty for the day was Jack’s handle on his Tyrnos, which Ty managed to remove from the reel itself.


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