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As part of its newly released trailer tips series, trailer powerhouse Move Boat Trailers looks to debunk boat towing to simplify the process for all boaters.

Tips from Move Boat Trailers

As more people hit the road to experience the great outdoors via boat, Move Boat Trailers expert Adam Crossley reveals his top tips in boat trailering to curb common reservations around manoeuvrability and operation.

While perceived as one of the most difficult aspects of owning a watercraft, trailering to a secluded location to enjoy boat and camping adventures can be some of the biggest perks as a boat owner.

Honing trailering skills and learning ‘the knack’ will open a world of opportunities and now, thanks to Move Boat Trailers, the following step-by-step process is the perfect way to get you going.

For the best advice on trailer handling and towing, speak with your local Move Boat Trailer expert.

Know your weights

Your tow vehicle needs to be capable of doing the job.

You can find this out by confirming your vehicle’s maximum braked towing capacity.

If your boat and trailer weigh less than the quoted figure, you’re good to go.

Some key tips in reviewing your boat and trailer weight are:

  • Look at your invoice or speak with your boat dealer – you should be able to obtain the true combined boat and trailer weight, inclusive of any additional options you selected
  • Account for additional weight – be mindful of any secured gear stored in the boat as this will add to the overall tonnage.

You also want the ball weight – the force the tongue of the trailer puts down on the tow vehicle’s hitch.

This is usually around 10-15 percent of the boat and trailer’s combined weight.

Too little or too much and trailer sway is a very real possibility.

Do a pre-tow safety inspection

Go through the basics.

Make certain all the gear you’ll need for a day on the water is loaded and ready to go, ensuring things are secure in the boat, the weight is spread evenly and the outboard motor is secure.

Make a habit of checking trailer tyre pressure and that all trailer lights work – this may be your saving grace one day, especially if your trailer has sat idle for an extended period.

And make sure the trailer is hitched correctly, with safety chains attached to the car.

Turn wide

The rule of thumb when towing is to make wider turns than you normally would – to avoid going over gutters with your trailer – especially when turning in to petrol stations or performing a U-turn.

Remember, your trailer has a tighter turning circle than the vehicle you’re driving.

Room to stop

Give yourself ample stopping distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you, because your car’s braking performance will be reduced by the extra load.

You will need more room to stop and more time to react to an emergency.

Be considerate

Speed limits – particularly on freeways – may be too fast for you when towing a boat.

If you’re driving slower, be considerate, keep in the left-hand lane and allow drivers to safely pass you.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice before you head off.

Take your trailer to an open parking lot to get the feel of the extension of your car and the additional weight.

Practice turning and reversing because this is what most people find the most challenging.

With the number of new boat buyers soaring as more people find thrilling ways to redefine travel, it is as important as ever to ensure safe towing, so the Move Boat Trailers series of tips look to help new and experienced boaties feel comfortable with trailering on-road and at the boat ramp.

To achieve the most seamless and safe towing experience possible, the first most important step is having a high-quality and strong set of wheels under your vessel.

Essential features to look out for with any trailer include submergible LED lights, a swing-up jockey wheel for easy manoeuvring and a sturdy-built frame, which all come standard with Move Boat Trailers, making the brand an easy first choice.

Build basics – including I-beam and C-channel frames – ensure Move Boat Trailers do not retain water, while the chemical properties of the aluminium structure results in a rust preventative, durable and lightweight product that makes towing a breeze.

Aluminium also triples the lifespan of steel.

While Move Boat Trailers only launched as a loose trailer brand in 2021, the build has been mastered following decades of design expertise, quietly championed as the wheels under leading aluminium boat brand Quintrex, since the factory’s first trailer prototype concept in 2003.

Designed around a sound structure of marine-grade aluminium to meet the needs of all Aussie boaties, living in a range of Australian terrains, Move Boat Trailers is derived to go the distance.

With a wide range of products suited to a variety of boat sizes and materials, including fibreglass, aluminium and plate, thousands of Aussies can rest assured that their boat has a safe journey on the road thanks to Move Boat Trailers.

For more information about safe boat trailering or to find out more about Move Boat Trailers, contact your local Move Trailer dealer today.

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