The 130hp 2-stroke Yamaha had plenty of get-up-and-go.

Top value with Baysport 640 Fishing

WHETHER fishing gear, electronics or boating packages, more people than ever want quality at an affordable price.

And there is nothing wrong with being a budget savvy buyer, but you do need to have a good look around to find exactly what you are after.

So if this sounds like you, I’d suggest checking out the Baysport 640 Fishing at Brisbane Yamaha.

As the name suggests this boat is 6.2m long and has a beam of 2.45m, which are good initial numbers for a multi-purpose fishing and family boat.

The next number I throw at you I‘m sure you will find even more impressive, and that is the price.

For under $50,000, you can drive away with a brand new BMT package capable of heading offshore, cruising around the bay or towing skiers or tubes around the lake.

This is a very versatile boat at an affordable price.

Sure it is a basic package, but it has everything you need (including a long list of standard inclusions) to have a great time on the water, fishing or cruising, without having to outlay any more of your hard-earned cash.

Of course you can upgrade a number of things or get additional options which will add to the price, but the advantage is that you are able to customise your boat.

This way you can choose the options that you want and need without having to pay for something you’re not going to use.

Even though I have described it as a basic package, once I started going through the list of inclusions I thought that maybe I should modify this to a complete package.

Some of the standard inclusions are an alloy bait board with four rod holders and tackle tray, GME VHF marine radio, Garmin colour chart plotter, custom bimini with front and side clears, alloy rocket launchers, folding rear lounge, hydraulic steering, transom door, deck wash, plumbed live bait tank and padded combings.

In fact a heap more features are included, so it might be best to check them out for yourself or give the guys at Brisbane Yamaha a call so they can go through them with you.

Now I’m sure some of you might think with all these inclusion that the reason for the low price must be related to the engine.

And yes, the 130hp 2-stroke Yamaha is a cheaper option than a 4-stroke, but when you think about it and do the sums it is probably the right engine for many people.

By that I mean you will need to do a lot of hours in the boat to recoup the extra money initially spent versus the savings on fuel.

So, like many people, if you are only able to get out on the water every now and then you will probably be better off with the 130hp.

Conversely, there are other inherent benefits from today’s 4-strokes and Brisbane Yamaha has the whole Yamaha range to choose from, so there will be a package to suit.

Even if you do opt for the 150hp 4-stoke Yammie and upgrade your sounder and GPS you will still have change out of $60K which represents good value for money.

However, price is not everything as you want a boat that is going to perform and last, so a test day was planned with Paul McNaught and we headed to Bribie Island to have a run around in the top end of the bay.

Now I must confess it had been a while since I’d driven a 130hp 2-stroke Yamaha, so I was keen to see how it was matched to this boat.

Skipping across a few waves in front of Bribie Island.
Skipping across a few waves in front of Bribie Island.
A comfy rear lounge was easy to put up and down.
A comfy rear lounge was easy to put up and down.
The cabin area had plenty of room to lie down.
The cabin area had plenty of room to lie down.
Clean and functional dash area.
Clean and functional dash area.
Large plumbed live-bait tank.
Large plumbed live-bait tank.
Concave planing plank in the hull provides lift for easy planing.
Concave planing plank in the hull provides lift for
easy planing.

And first impressions were good, with plenty of punch out of the hole and a nice low planing speed of around 21km/h at 3000rpm. Wide open it hit just under 70km/h at 6000rpm, and even though very stable and safe you wouldn’t run it at this speed for long as the fuel burn would be quite high. Instead somewhere around 3800-4800rpm would be the ideal range, with speeds varying from 39-51km/h respectively. At these revs you would be able to drive this boat in most conditions with a pretty good fuel burn.

But as I did give it a squirt and have a play, I contemplated how the 150hp 4-stroke would go and concluded it would be a bit of a bullet with that engine on the back. As I threw the boat from port to starboard and back again it tracked very well and was relatively easy to drive, with a good driving position and a lot of visibility.

While we didn’t get a chance to head offshore, there were a few semi-pressure waves out the front of Bribie to have a play in, with a definite thumbs-up for the ride. This can partly be attributed to the concave planing plank in the hull which provides lift for easy planing and direction at speed and when turning. The full fibreglass stringer system also increases the hull’s structural integrity, while still being relatively light.

The Baysport 640 is registered to carry a maximum seven people, but ultimately two or four up would be ideal for fishing. Under floor is a 165 litre tank, which should be adequate for most outings.
Another feature of note was the stability at rest, and the fact you could get your toes under the side pockets. Combine this with the padded combings and you have a comfortable fishing position.

In the cab, there is plenty of room to seat a couple of kids or for an adult or two to have a lie down. Access to the anchor well is through a large hatch, with the infill giving you a higher position when standing.

Rounding out the BMT package is a dual axle galvanised trailer that is easy to drive the boat on and off.

Overall I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the work and value for money especially with the extensive list of inclusions, which will ensure you have a better time on the water for fewer dollars.

For more information on this or any of the Baysport models, give Brisbane Yamaha a call on 07 3888 1727 or check out

On the web you can view a video where Chis Conroy runs through the construction method of this Australian-built boat.

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