TT SwitchPrawn+

Switch on the bite! SwitchPrawn+

The TT SwitchPrawn+ metal vibration blade has a profile and action like no other, thanks to a thorough research and development program that produced incredible numbers of fish, along with a comprehensive list of species landed.

The weight positioning and extended profile of the blade create an intense vibration with increased water movement, while the trailing tassels and assist hooks make an irresistible strike trigger.

SwitchPrawn+ assists include ultra-sharp Owner black nickel chemically sharpened hooks for maximum penetration, while multiple tow points on the blade allow anglers to customise the action to suit their fishing scenario and target species.

Available in three versatile sizes and 16 unique colours – options include light natural, dark silhouette and more vibrant colour patterns – complete with many ultraviolet-reactive models and three-dimensional UV-reactive eyes to attract fish and trigger strikes.

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