When to upgrade your trailer by Move

For over two decades, Move Boat Trailers have continued to invest in providing an array of trailers to suit a wide range of personal watercraft, fibreglass, aluminium and plate boats available on the market.

New boat sales are said to be on a steady incline, increasing by 50 percent every year in Australia, with 62 percent being aluminium and 33 percent fibreglass.

To meet the demand of the ever-growing boating industry and ensure utmost safety on the road, Move Boat Trailers has committed itself to delivering a long-lasting high-quality range of PWC, aluminium and fibreglass boat trailers.

Despite many Australians already owning a trailer, data suggests that many don’t know when to upgrade and how to check if their trailer is still suited to their watercraft.

Move Boat Trailers warranty supervisor Terry Hill suggests some of the tell-tale signs of when a trailer needs to be upgraded.


If there are excessive amounts of rust anywhere, it is likely that this could compromise the usability and safety of the trailer.

Rust is one of the most significant signs that a trailer needs to be repaired or replaced.


One of the most important working parts of a trailer are the rollers, meaning it is important to make sure they function correctly.

Rollers can break on older trailers and, if not checked regularly, could pose a risk to the user when using the trailer.

Boat suitability to trailer

Ensuring that the trailer used to transport the watercraft is suitable is crucial.

If the trailer was bought a while ago and the vessel has since been upgraded, checking that it fits and can tow that amount of weight is important.

If this isn’t the case, upgrading to a more suitable trailer may be necessary.


Making sure to maintain a trailer is key to ensuring its longevity and avoids any unnecessary wear and tear.

Doing regular checks to maintain the braking equipment, tightness of the wheel nuts and tyre tread is recommended.

Also, checking that the tyres are in good condition, are safe and can legally carry and transport the vessel is important.

Conducting regular maintenance upgrades with each trailer is imperative to keeping your boat and others safe on the road and at the ramp.

Move Boat Trailers strives to make the buying process of a new trailer easy, delivering a wide range of trailers that feature the essentials, all available from a carefully selected dealership network who deliver an unparalleled customer experience and an easy servicing regime.

The aluminium build of MBT trailers is not only lightweight to reduce strain on the towing vehicle but is rust-resistant – meaning a longer lasting more durable build.

With C-channel and I-beam frames, MBT trailers ensure complete water-runoff – preventing retention of excess weight – while the carefully designed cradle makes for easy alignment when re-trailering.

The MBT difference refers to the high-quality materials used, the refined innovative design and wide range of models available.

With its extensive heritage, Move Boat Trailers has quickly become Australia’s top trailer manufacturer, with a leading brand reputation.

If you are looking to buy your first trailer or upgrade your existing one, find your local trailer dealer at

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