Aluminium trailers require less maintenance, last longer and retain their value better than galvanised steel trailers.

Why aluminium trailers are better than galvanised steel

With the growing demand for trailers, it’s important to choose the right material for the job.

While both aluminium and galvanised steel have their own unique benefits, aluminium has proven to be the superior choice for many reasons.

One of its biggest is durability.

Aluminium is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant material, making it perfect for trailers that are exposed to the elements.

It does not rust or deteriorate, making it a long-lasting option for those looking for a durable trailer.

In contrast, galvanised steel can rust over time, especially when exposed to saltwater or other corrosive substances.

Next on the list is the difference in weight between the two.

Aluminium trailers are much lighter than their steel counterparts, making them easier to manoeuvre and transport.

This is especially important for smaller vehicles, which may struggle with the added weight of a steel trailer.

One upside that many customers love to hear is the low amount of maintenance required – aluminium trailers require very little upkeep, making them the ideal choice for those who want a hassle-free solution.

They are also easy to clean and maintain, with no special treatments or coatings required.

A great benefit for aluminium is its high eco-friendly status.

Aluminium is a sustainable material that is recyclable and does not produce harmful emissions.

It’s a great choice for those looking for an ecological option for their trailer.

So, what about the cost?

While aluminium trailers may be a little more expensive upfront, they are a cost-effective option in the long run.

They require less maintenance, last longer and retain their value better than galvanised steel trailers.

Move Boat Trailers district sales manager Adam Crossley said, “At Move, we are committed to providing our customers with the best trailer options available.”

“That’s why we recommend aluminium trailers over galvanised steel.

“With its superior durability, lightweight design and low maintenance requirements, aluminium is the clear winner.”

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