Winds strong enough to blow a dog off its lead

With winds strong enough to blow a dog off its lead, only a few charters made it out to the local reefs for small snapper, sweetlip and estuary cod. The week ahead is looking promising with a drop in the winds and swell with 4 knots light and variable and 1m of swell on the cards.

Noosa river mouth has had some action for land based anglers with whiting, bream and flatties showing up along the drop offs and gutters which have been formed from the rains and spring tides early in the week. If after whiting come and grab some live beach worm and some red whiting tube to make baits look bigger and stand out more. This tube also acts as a bit of bite protection should a flattie take a liking to your bait too.

In the deeper waters around the sand bags drop off and along the tree line of the dog beach we have seen the golden trevally showing up. These fish are very line shy and 6lb lines and leaders are the go. Be prepared to give chase if in a boat and be aware that their knowledge of the snags and boats on permanent anchor is astounding as they will run to the nearest anchor chain if allowed. These fish love smaller grubs loaded with scent and slowed rolled on heavier jigs heads.

Look at Squidgy prawns, zman slim swimz and the new Zerek ultimate shrimp. Big flatties have been caught along these areas as well as toward Tewantin Marina. Again they love a soft plastic prawn and 4″ size paddle tail like the Entice paddler in motor oil. For anglers using baits break out a light gauge gang hook and have a try with a whole frogmouth pilchard or pilchard. Be sure to let these drift along lightly weighted in the current for the best results.

Trevally and tailor are around, but in the lower estuary. These fish will respond very well to soft vibes as they have a lot of vibration so be sure to grab a few of the new Zerek Fish trap colours and give these a hop or two around the eddies and combining currents of woods bay/current line and around the coastguard. With all the rain these would be the best option as the water will become very fresh upriver. If you own a few crab pots now is a great time to put these out as they love a good downpour. Load these up with mullet frames and heads and tie these off along the mangrove lines toward the first lake and around any creek entrances.

Freshwater of Lake MacDonald is quitter from all the rain. This lake is now at 100% and spilling over so fishing hard along the edges, drop offs and deeper sections will be the best option. Having sounders running in down scan is important so you can separate your fish from the trees which is hard to see in traditional 2D. This also applies to Borumba, however it is not at 100%.

The Norries laydown minnow is a consistent performer in both waterways and the bass and toga love this lure. The temp at Borumba is down to 14C but the fish are still active and will take a suspending lure if paused long enough. Have a look around the various trees if after toga as they will call the smallest tree home as they get shelter from wind and enjoy any rays of sun. Be sure to keep hooks razor sharp at all times and swap any rusting or old hooks out to avoid poor or missed hook-ups.

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