winter bream brisbane

Winter bream on the bite around Brisbane

winter bream brisbane winter breamComing into the colder months we will see a great increase in captures of winter bream.

Most fish at this time are in for breeding and usually hungry! A lot of fisherman think that fishing deep water is the best way to catch these fish. Most fish travel around looking for good areas to hang around to find a mate and food. In winter bream can be caught almost anywhere and will eat almost anything from bait to lures.

I have found fishing shallow with cranks and working my way towards the deeper edges to be a great way to find the bigger fish amongst the small pickers. You will find that a lot of smaller fish will be biting at this time and often will have a competitive bite. This results in double hook ups frequently! Deep water fishing schools can be a great option if you don’t find the fish shallower. Using blades and small soft plastics seems to be the go for this style of fishing.

The Brisbane River has been firing lately with easy double figures been caught in session. Most islands will be expecting the arrival of big bream soon. Once the water gets around the 20 degree mark it should happen. Fishing close to mainland is already fishing well with many high-30s getting captured around the Raby bay, wellington point area.

Baits like stripped mullet and half pilchards are what the fish will be looking for. Using little to no weight Is key!!! Small circle hooks and baitholders will get great hook up rates in the corner jaw of these fish.

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