Yamashita Egi-Oh Live Squid Jig

Catching squid is super easy with the Yamashita Egi-Oh Live range.

Yamashita developed the unique Egi-Oh Q Live squid jig featuring a patented thermo-storage cloth called a ‘warm jacket’.

The cloth reacts to light – any form, sunlight or artifical light – and will maintain its temperature for longer than traditional cloths.

With the capacity to hold heat similar to natural fish, the Live jigs are more successful in attracting squid interest because they can recognise temperature variations when hunting prey.

Yamashita also patented the nose design.

The Egi-Oh Live Squid Jig features a slim nose that lets it move effortlessly through the water and sink down to the perfect level to catch attention.

It is the thinnest nose available on any of their jigs but does not compromise its strength.

This gives it the advantage of minimising water resistance when hopped, which gives the jig more action for less effort.

It also has a much longer casting distance than many other jigs.

Squid will dart after this lure in shallow water and will stay hooked with the super sharp double crown hooks.

The environmentally friendly tin sinker jumps higher and is more responsive to rod action compared to standard lead sinkers.

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