Z-Man 2.5” ST GrubZ

The Z-Man 2.5” ST GrubZ takes the popular GrubZ profile to the next level, with enhanced features that create the ultimate curl tail presentation.

The short and stocky body is heavily ribbed to create natural micro vibrations and a softer more natural feel, while also retaining scent more effectively so that the fish locate the lure easier, eat it more aggressively and hang on longer, allowing for more positive hooksets.

The long curly tail features a split-tail design, which creates an irresistible soft fluttering action that works effectively on the drop, at very slow speeds and even when rigged on ultralight jig heads.

These features combine to create a curl tail that will excel in all fishing scenarios, from an aggressive bite to shut-down situations, where the new finesse qualities will maximise your chances of getting them to bite.

The Z-Man 2.5” GrubZ has been a dominant force in both the tournament and social fishing scenes, with this split tail version sure to take its place alongside this legendary presentation.

Jighead Selection

TT Lures HeadlockZ HD – #4, #2, #1, #1/0
TT Lures HeadlockZ Finesse – #2, #1, #1/0
TT Lures DemonZ – #1, #1/0
TT Lures Tournament Series HWS (Hidden Weight System) – #2, #1, #1/0

Available now in 12 popular Z-Man single and laminate colours, with eight per pack and an suggested retail price of $12.95


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