Z-Man Mulletron LT

Hands down the most realistic mullet profile we’ve seen!

With an ICAST award for Best Soft Plastic, you know that the Z-Man Mulletron LT is going to turn heads and catch fish.

This innovative top hook line-through designed true-to-life mullet profile features 10X Tough ElaZtech construction, photo printed realism and a wedge-shaped tail that presents a fluid natural swimming motion at a wide range of retrieve speeds.

Available in 4.5” and 6” sizes and in six dynamite colours, this hyper-realistic look is combined with a line-through design that allows the plastic to slide up the line after the hook set, reducing leverage from the fish and enabling the custom heavy-duty sickle hook to remain securely pinned in the fish, even during the most aggressive head shakes, jumps and tail walks.

The 4.5” Mulletron LT is fitted with a heavy-duty, black nickel needlepoint 3/0 hook and features a 1/4oz internal weight and 3/4oz overall casting weight.

The larger 6” model is equipped with the same style of heavy-duty hook in a 5/0 size, with a 3/4oz internal weight and overall casting weight of 1 3/4oz.

A moderate and perfectly balanced sink rate – thanks to the internal weighted harness and buoyant ElaZtech superplastic – allows the Mulletron LT to maintain an upright posture on the slowest retrieves, on the fall and even at rest on the bottom to attract fish and trigger strikes.

Mullet are one of the most popular prey fish in both our fresh and saltwater systems, with captures through the research and development process including barramundi, mangrove jack, Murray cod, mulloway, flathead, trevally and loads more.

Suggested retail price for the Mulletron LT 4.5” is $19.95 and for the Mulletron LT 6” $23.95.


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