Z-Man SwimZ and HerculeZ

Z-Man 2.5” Slim SwimZ

Anglers were looking for a paddle tail that had a shorter slimmer profile, with the benefits of ElaZtech 10X tough, super-soft and flexible realistic feel and built-in buoyancy for maximum action at slow speeds and a buoyant lifelike tail-up action when at rest on the bottom.

The Slim SwimZ ticks all of these boxes and packs a lively lifelike action in its little paddle tail – an action that has seen it punching above its weight on species that are not commonly associated with a 2.5” soft plastic.

Both bass and bream tournament anglers have embraced this paddle tail, but it has proven effective on yellowbelly, trout, redfin, saratoga, sooty grunter and jungle perch in the fresh, and flathead, grunter, tarpon, giant herring, tuna and other species in the salt that often frustrate anglers with their preference for tiny baitfish.

With plenty of built-in action the 2.5” Slim SwimZ is perfect for anglers who want to give soft plastics fishing a try and a deadly addition to the experienced soft plastic fisho’s arsenal.

Z-Man 6” HerculeZ

The much-anticipated Z-Man 6” HerculeZ 10X Tough ElaZtech pre-rigged swimbait has arrived, joining the AFTA Trade Show released 4” and 5” models.

This larger model was developed based on requests from anglers chasing larger predatory species, including barramundi, Murray cod and mulloway.

The detailed body shape is 10X Tough to stand up to brutal strikes and aggressive fights, featuring fins, scale pattern and 3D eyes for added realism, while a unique under-hooked aggressive tail creates the signature swimming action and body roll that has proven effective in the smaller models.

Built on a brutally strong Mustad black nickel chemically sharpened hook to handle big fish, the HerculeZ also features a belly mounted stainless-steel attachment point for attaching a stinger hook or blade for flash and vibration, all moulded into a zinc internal weight for strength and integrity, maintaining balance and action.

Available in eight popular Z-Man colours, including light natural colours, darker silhouette and fluoro colours, the HerculeZ is built to get the bite, whether it’s impoundment barramundi and Murray cod, breakwall mulloway or bluewater beasts on your target list.

Visit z-man.com.au

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