Start your jewfish journey

I HOPE you all had a safe prosperous Christmas and new year and were able to catch a few fish. In this month’s article I hope to give you a few tips on how to target one of the most sought-after and often elusive species found in our rivers, the mighty mulloway, which are often known as jewfish. Let’s start …

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Hop onto the headlands!

ANYONE who has caught a jewfish will almost certainly have encountered worms inside the fish. Be it live wriggling reddish nematodes – or roundworms – in the gut cavity or the smaller white spaghetti flatworm trypanorhyncha, both are believed to use jewfish as a host before moving on to another species. Headlands hop While the sight of either of these …

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Jump into summer jewfish

HOW many of you have had the itch to chase one of those big silvery slabs you’ve seen all over social media and magazines lately? The appeal of feeling the line being pulled uncontrollably from your toughest gear as you hook-up. You’re locked up and giving it all you’ve got. With the adrenaline pumping, you know that at any second …

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Brisbane spring and summer jewfish

THE Brisbane River is home to a huge array of fish including  bream, flathead, snapper, cod, king threadfin salmon and jewfish. The trick with the river is knowing how and where to target these species. In this article I’ll cover how to catch big jewfish in spring and summer, as there are less soapies around later in the year. summerjewfish …

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Jew lessons from Lisa Simpson

I LEARNT early in my jewfish targeting career that they can be finicky feeders at times, especially when using live bait such as mullet. By that I mean, one day jewfish will swallow the bait right down into the gut and the next they will slam it and kill it all within seconds. Jew lisa simpson In the 1980s, when …

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Unforgettable jew session at Iluka

EVERY now and then you have one of those dream fishing sessions that you don’t want to ever end – such was the case recently when Mischa decided to have a few casts for jewfish at the southern end of the Iluka Bluff using soft plastic lures. Iluka jew When he arrived at the headland, gulls and terns were diving …

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Wonderful CQ fishing fires up

FOR all varieties of angler, Central Queensland covers most of your fishing options, goals and needs. Central Queensland runs from Gladstone in the south to Mackay in the north and covers about 500km of coastline. With many locations reachable only via sea, many locations are virtually untapped. Here’s a breakdown of what CQ has to offer in fish species and …

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New Queensland study to shed light on black jewfish population

New Queensland study

State government scientists will assess the population biology of black jewfish in a new Queensland study project to better understand stocks and manage the species. Minister for Agricultural Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said the three-year priority project would provide crucial information to help protect the sustainability of black jewfish. “We need to know more about black jewfish on the …

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Things shaken and stirred on Gold Coast

shaken and stirred

WHEN it rains, it pours. And pour it did, with some parts of the Gold Coast shaken and stirred, copping 500mm or more. You can’t deny we needed it though, and boy was it good to hear rain on the roof. With all the creeks and estuaries in flood, the systems are receiving a well-overdue flush. The wet can really change things on …

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March always a good month to fish the Gold Coast

march always good fish

G’DAY everyone, I am very excited about the fishing prospects in this early part of the year. I would like to explain why March is always a good month for fishing. To begin, there isn’t an angler I know that did not complain or find the last six months of 2019 and beginning of 2020 quite challenging when it came to …

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