Brad landed a decent red dog from his kayak on the Coomera River.

10 Tips for Fishing the Tweed River and Terranora Creek

IF you’re planning on fishing the Tweed River and Terranora Creek, all manner of species are on the chew. Jacks are still chomping around most structure and white soft plastics are their current favourite. Some big bream have also moved into the river systems, closely followed by luderick.

The first thing to remember when fishing the Tweed is that you require a fishing licence if you are over 18 years old. The small cost offsets a $200-plus fine if you are caught without one.

When fishing the Tweed, I like to fish as lightly as possible and on the slack of the full tide so the weed beds close to the bank are covered with a decent bit of water and water flow is minimal.

The Tweed is a big river system and when the tide gets going it roars. For bream, I fish with no trace and a single hook. I simply let the bait waft down the water column with an open bail arm and it usually doesn’t take long for a fish to hit.

If fishing for jew, however, you have to up the ante significantly, with heavier gear in the range of 30lb and hooks of about 7/0 snelled together on a trace of roughly 40cm. A live mullet is perfect for this sort of fishing.

10 Tips for Fishing the Tweed River and Terranora Creek

  1. North wall – fish here for jew, bream, jacks and tailor. Best fished on the slack of the tide. Be careful of waves if the swell is up. If fishing after a bit of rain, try big soft plastics for jew on the end of the wall.
  2. Fish the end of the wall and near the VMR jetty for bream, jacks, flathead and whiting.
  3. Jack Evans Boat Harbour – slack water at most stages of the tide. Good flatties, whiting and luderick bite here.This is a great spot for kids because they can have a dip as well.
  • Andy has been getting into fun freshwater action chasing mullet.
    Andy has been getting into fun freshwater action chasing mullet.
    The only way to shut Mitch up is to get him to go fishing. So he went fishing and got this solid bream.
    Brad landed a decent red dog from his kayak on the Coomera River. top 10 tips fishing the tweed river
    Brad landed a decent red dog from his kayak on the Coomera River.

    fishing the tweed river map

    4. Fish along the wall on the slack of the tide for luderick, bream, jacks and jew. It is deep water so don’t be scared to use big baits.
  • 5. Right along the wall near the hospital you’ll find bream, flathead, jew and jacks. The wall is fairly easily traversed, so if fishing with kids it is pretty safe. Fish the slack of the tide
  • 6. Fish near the shallow inlet to the lagoon on the run-out. Jacks, queenies, trevally, bream, flathead and whiting sit out the front waiting for any unlucky bait to waft by. A good spot for kids
  • 7. Some big old big bream and jacks hang around the man-made structure here. You’ll need to use every trick in the book to catch one though
  • 8. Kennedy Drive boat ramp jetty – if you can’t catch a fish here there is something wrong. Best fished on the run-out, you’ll get bream after bream as you float a bait over the weed beds. Good numbers of luderick also congregate here. Just make sure you give boats that want to berth the right of way. They are usually gone in under a minute and don’t scare the fish. A great spot for kids
  • 9. Fish the inlet on the run-out. During spawning season huge numbers of flatties sit out the front, as do bream and whiting.
  • 10. Good weed beds for chasing whiting and flathead and you’ve also got a good chance of catching squid. A good spot for kids.3
  • Tweed River Bar still has the bank out the front that is starting to catch some swell. Currumbin Creek Bar is a mess and only experienced skippers should attempt to cross it because it is very shallow. Tallebudgera Creek Bar has a little gutter on the southern wall that is allowing boaties to get in and out, however its northern side is very shallow. The Seaway is in good shape but keep an eye on the banks to the north.

    ‘Til next month, bent rods to you all.

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    1. i am 80 years old and now have a little time to fish and i love the tweed river so where do you purchase alicence and how much will it cost any pensioner discounts regard from terry

    2. I am looking for a comfortable but reasonably priced place to stay with 2 teenage boys who love fishing. We have tried many fishing areas around Northern NSW without much success. Have you got ant suggestions of where to stay for good fishing…

    3. Hi, I’m a 70 yr old pensioner living in Murwillumbah, and will have 3 young grandkids (6,8,10) joining me at Christmas. I’m not much of a fisherman, though I do enjoy it and the kids love it. Where can I take them close by, where they will catch some fish, edible if possible.

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