Atomic Hardz Vib 60

THE all-new Atomic Vib has been carefully balanced to produce a straight and true action capable of handling multiple retrieve speeds.

So finely is it balanced that Atomic has achieved the unthinkable: it displays a tight wobble at high speed and a slow, seductive meander at slower speeds, making it perfect for freshwater anglers who will love the slow action for inactive feeders such as yellowbelly and bass.
Being forward weighted, the new Vib will also work on the drop.

Offshore, fast rips will see the lure display a tighter wobble that will attract snapper and pelagic fish.

As with all Atomic lures, the new Vib has been designed so it swims straight out of the box, making it simple to tie on and chuck at any fish you desire.

It is available in silent and rattle versions.

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