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Wellington Point Marines weekend at AFTA

afta afta aftaIT was that time of year again that all tackle shops head to the annual trade show known as AFTA. All companies at the show had something new to offer with some real standouts!

This year came with a twist though as they held the first public day for the trade show. This provided the public attendance to see what was to come and what was in anticipation for the coming year. From all reports this was a huge success with so many big names attending the event and getting involved with the public so well.

Fishing simulators, photo competitions and meet and greets were just some of the high lights for the day for those who got the chance to attend. I feel that this coming year we will see so many great lures, rods, reels, and accessories hit the market. There are some real game changers in there such as the weedless fish trap done by Zerek, Atomics new rods and hardbody lures as well as Shimano’s new range of squidgy rods.

Been the first public day for the AFTA trade show I must say the organisers and trade partners made for an amazing day for the public. To see this, happen on years to come would be amazing in so many aspects and I’m sure those who attended will agree.

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