AFTA 2022 – Best soft lure winner’s

Berkley Shimma Shrimp Weedless Lure


TYING for the best line win at the recent AFTA Awards, you asked for it and the team at Berkley has delivered… the all new Shimma Shrimp Weedless.

Available in three sizes – 100, 120 and 150mm to suit a wide variety of target species and it is perfect for fishing in snaggy environments.

The Shimma Weedless does it all!

Shimmies on the drop, tucks its tail on the lift and sends out lots of vibration that fish can’t resist!

Built on a tough stretchy thermal plastic elastomer weedless body with unique hook and weight system designed to give the best mix of sink, vibration, and glide.



Chasebaits Curly Prawn

TYING for the best soft lure win at the recent AFTA Awards, Chasebaits Curly Prawn will be a winner for you too.

Keep your eyes out for these in stores early November! Introducing the 2022 “Best Soft Lure” The 2.5” Curly Prawn!!

Made from supple and lifelike PVC material, The Curly Prawn is a highly versatile imitation Prawn soft plastic lure, which can be rigged forwards or backwards with any rigging type you prefer.

Based off our well know FlickPrawn profile, these little guys feature awesome 2-tone injected colours, shrimp scent, and a realistic curly tail and vibrating leg action on the drop and during the retrieve that is sure to entice a huge variety of fish to strike!!

The Chasebaits brand was born from the passion for fishing, and the drive to fish with some of the most realistic, and effective artificial baits on the planet.

Every element of the lure design is broken down and developed, from aesthetic and model design, swim actions, materials used, the attention to detail and manufacturing techniques, hook designs, attracting features like rattles and scents, colours to suit species targeting and regions.


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