AFTA 2023 Product Winners

Huk Rogue Wave Boots

Sometimes, the best fishing is found in the worst conditions.
Huk Rogue Wave fishing boots are specifically designed for all-day comfort and engineered for optimal performance in any situation.
These slip-on style boots are constructed of incredibly durable neoprene rubber and are carefully designed with positive traction in wet conditions, ensuring stable footing that grabs in all directions, no matter how slick the boat deck or dock may become.
Breathable mesh liners help ensure the boots stay dry on the inside, keeping the wet on the outside.
The comfortable rounded toe and non-marking outer sole help make the Huk Rogue Wave Boots the right fit for wet weather.

G Loomis IMX-PRO V2

Introducing IMX-PRO V2, providing anglers with actions that put the bug where your brain wants it every time.
Developed to cover a broad spectrum of modern freshwater applications, IMX-PRO V2 boasts a mix of standard and technique-specific actions curated to offer anglers tools to elevate every on-water experience.
G Loomis design engineers rolled this collection of smooth recovering actions using a new blend of technologies — conduit core and GL7 resin system — to increase strength and impact resistance without the extra weight.
Designed to be day-in, day-out ‘workhorses’, the IMX-PRO V2 oozes performance and utility, making it incredibly enjoyable to fish with.

Barambah Chin Nuts

Released at the recent AFTA 2023 event, Barambah Chin Nuts certainly have anglers talking.
With a passion for excellence by Matt Fraser, the Barambah Chin Nuts are truly authentic, creative and innovative in design, defined by attention to detail, inspired by nature and engineered to perform!
Twist on, twist off… Chin Nuts have easy twist-on wires for quick changing and attach to chin eyelets or the front treble eyelet.
Change them out to float, suspend or sink!
Barambah Chin Nuts are available in three pack sizes – small, regular and large – and are live sonar compatible, with the ability to sink and work your lures into the zone.

Bassday SugaPen Splash 75

The Bassday SugaPen Splash is an award-winning and highly acclaimed fishing lure designed with precision and innovation.
This topwater lure delivers exceptional performance and is specifically crafted to entice predatory fish, particularly whiting.
The SugaPen Splash features a unique and realistic design, mimicking the appearance of a small prawn struggling on the water’s surface.
It’s concave face creates a captivating splash and popping sound, creating a commotion that attracts fish from a distance.
One of the standout features of the SugaPen Splash is its versatility.
Whether you’re fishing in fresh or saltwater, this lure adapts seamlessly to various fishing conditions.

Wilson Electric Assist Wecom3

The use of electric-powered overhead reels matched to purpose-built rods has revolutionised ‘deep drop’ fishing for tasty and keenly sought-after denizens of the abyss, such as blue-eye trevalla, gemfish, hapuka, ling and bass groper.
No longer do anglers need to wear themselves out cranking rigs or hooked fish hundreds of metres to the surface.
Instead, it can all be done with the push of a button or the flick of a switch!
Queensland-based Wilson Fishing deservedly took out the Best Combo category at this year’s AFTA Show with its unique and competitively priced electric deep-dropping rod-and-reel combo.

Tonic Polarised Outback Lithium Blue Water Mirror

Tonic Outback offers a style that is both modest and extremely comfortable, suitable for all day wear in any conditions.
The rectangular frame features a flat top and a slim-line silhouette fitted with copper photochromic lenses that will cut through glare and increase clarity.
This lens technology will adapt to the light conditions and darken to offer a higher lens category from a 2 to a 3.
Available in the SliceLens and Blue Mirror glass, Outback sunglasses are perfect for fishing or whatever activity you’re involved in.

Ocean’s Legacy Keeling Pop

Ocean’s Legacy pride themselves on designing original and functional fishing gear for every angler, from the freshest of fishos to the most experienced angler looking to take their fishing to the next level.
Their prototypes were battered on the harsh proving grounds of the Cocos Keeling Islands, which is where this lure takes its name.
You can be confident when targeting inshore and offshore predators, with six sizes across the range providing versatility.
Cast at coral bommies for hard-fighting reef species such as trevally, coral trout and emperors.
Fantastic for land-based applications, including from beaches and rocks for yellowtail kingfish, tailor and Australian salmon.

Shimano Speedmaster Game

The new Speedmaster Game series utilises Shimano’s strong and lightweight TC4 blank technology to deliver a dependable tournament game fishing and deep drop line-up.
To guarantee your favourite Shimano game reel fits perfectly to the rod, an aluminium Pac Bay reel seat and channel lock butt is used for the ultimate in strength and durability – especially important as the strength and rigidity of your outfit will be upheld when under fighting load.
Tested on some of Australia’s hardest fighting game fish, the Speedmaster Game series covers five models across 15, 24 and 37kg line classes for trolling and live-baiting, including a dedicated 7’ 24kg land-based game rod and a 5’6” PE 8-10 deep drop rod.

TT Sling Bag

For the agile land-based angler, this durable tackle sling is loaded with practical features, including one large and two small pockets that easily fit a selection of tackle trays and accessories.
Comfortably sling over the shoulder, then quickly spin around for easy access, with a handy rod holder to slot a rod into for free hands while re‑rigging on the go.
It also has an external pliers or scissors pouch, plus three carabiner points to attach accessories.
Checkout the TT tackle trays that fit perfectly in the TT tackle sling.
The small tackle tray fits in the front pockets and the medium tackle tray fits in the largest pocket.

Rapala Crush City Imposter

The Crush City The Imposter is the perfect prawn or shrimp imitation.
Made from Supersoft TPE material and infused with shrimp scent, The Imposter is designed to produce subtle movements to mimic the real thing – fooling even the wariest of predators.
When rigged on a VMC Brawler jig head, The Imposter will hop and dart, providing a seductive swim with its appendages vibrating in the water.
When rigged weedless, The Imposter utilises the back slit to help hide the hook so anglers can fish it deep into snags where predators lurk.
The Imposter is one of the most realistic prawn imitations on the market and will deceive fish anywhere.

Shimano Stradic 23

Stradic has made a quantum leap forward with the advanced features of its flagship model. Infinityxross, which greatly improves gear durability.
Powerful reeling achieved by Infinitydrive for improved ‘reeling’ performance. Antitwistfin suppresses line trouble and increases casting safety.
Duracross with enhanced durability of drag washers supports fighting under severe conditions. Stradic rewrites existing performance.
As the new standard for Shimano spinning reels, this is the one we want to offer to anglers who aspire to a higher level of performance.

Daiwa Goretex Rain Jacket

Goretex fabric is unmatched for foul weather performance, and Daiwa’s Goretex line does not disappoint.
The Daiwa Goretex Rain Jacket features YKK AquaGuard zippers – arguably the best quality zipper on the market – and a concealed bottom hem cord stopper that can sinch down the bottom of the jacket without loose cords and stoppers to tangle in wayward fishing line.
The hood has a high-stand collar with laser drilled ventilation that can be worn over the face for cool morning boat rides, and also features an air-tunnel opening to make high-speed boat rides no problem.
Finally, double-cuffed sleeves prevent the dreaded water seepage down the arm when fishing with your hands up in heavy rain.

Road Chef Mico Dingker

Taking the best outdoor camping product win at the recent AFTA Awards, the Road Chef Mico Dingker uses amazing new technology that allows you to cook your toasted sandwich, and more, perfectly in your microwave!
The silicone-lined advanced alloy cooking plates distribute the heat quickly and evenly, making the outside of your food crisp and golden while the microwaves heat your food from the inside out, keeping it juicy and oozy.
More than a toasted-sandwich maker, cook hamburger patties, chicken thighs and wings, bacon or even crab cakes from scratch.
Only your imagination will limit you!

Minn Kota Instinct

Big water, bigger boats – that’s where Instinct comes in. A motor designed to not only handle the elements but to thrive in them.
With available shaft lengths up to 100” and the most dependable automatic stow and deploy ever built, Instinct comes ready to go where other trolling motors won’t.
The new Quest series of dual 24-36V brushless trolling motors was designed for anglers who demand the best from their equipment – even in the harshest environments.
With a reinforced motor and mount, more advanced GPS functionality than ever and even an eco-mode to extend battery life, Instinct is ready to tackle the elements where the waves are high – and so are the stakes.

Daiwa J-Braid 8 Expedition

J-Braid Expedition’s silicon coating means the braid does not absorb any water, importantly this means the braid also doesn’t absorb silt and sediment present in water, which is the major cause of braided line wear over time.
By shedding the water thanks to its hydrophobic properties, J-Braid Expedition will last longer than traditional braided lines, providing more value and greater performance.
The benefits don’t stop there either, with an incredibly high weave count, J-Braid Expedition is braided tighter than almost any other line on the market, providing an incredibly round profile braid that will not separate and fray when in use.

Shimano Zodias Travel

The revolutionary Zodias Travel rods are equipped with advanced features that redefine the standards of sensitivity and portability, delivering an exceptional angling experience to enthusiasts around the country.
Designed with a carbon monocoque grip, this cutting-edge technology allows anglers to feel even the most subtle strike, enhancing their ability to detect bites and improve their overall catch rate.
The hollow structure of the rod ensures unparalleled lightness, further enhancing its responsiveness and manoeuvrability.
Zodias Travel rods have already received widespread acclaim and are making their way to the Australian market as a compact travel model, providing unmatched performance and versatility for all anglers.

Ocean’s Legacy HD Offshore Pliers

Tying for the win at the recent AFTA Awards, Ocean’s Legacy HD Offshore Pliers will be a winner for you too.

Toit Aluminium Prussian Kit

Tying for the win at the recent AFTA Awards, Toit’s mission is to develop, improve and reimagine fishing tools with overarching themes of reliability, functionality, durability and environmental sustainability.
That’s why Toit create products that resist corrosion and do not rely on superfluous plastic parts that limit the product’s useful life.
Toit designs are elegant and understated, they feel good in the hand and are pleasing to the eye.

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