Collecting marine invertebrates on the rise in NSW

With climbing temperatures and summer on the horizon, our coastline and fishing community are emerging from their winter cocoons. marine

NSW DPI Fisheries Officers wish to take this time to remind our recreational fishers that if you plan to collect marine invertebrates, including turban snails, sea urchins and crabs from NSW rock platforms certain rules and regulations apply.

When taking marine invertebrates from rock platforms in NSW only your hands (with or without gloves), and a single blade knife (with a blade that is longer than it is wide), are permitted to be used when taking these animals.

In NSW, it is NOT PERMITTED to use any form of spear to take marine invertebrates from rock platforms, this includes crabs. Other commonly used tools that are NOT PERMITTED include trowels, tongs, paint scrapers, hand rakes and scissors. These items should be left at home, as it is an offence to use them to collect marine invertebrates on rock platforms and they will be seized by Fisheries Officers.

It is advised to check the NSW FISHSMART App to check what is permitted when fishing or collecting in NSW and to check bag/size limits and to determine if there are any restrictions in your area.

If you see illegal fishing activities please report it to the Fishers Watch Hotline on 1800 043 536 or online.

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