Alvey Alloy Series 6500C8 (Product News)

SAND and salt water present the ultimate battlefield for your fishing reel, so choose a reel with the ability to handle the task.

The warrior that stands tall in this punishing environment is the Alvey fishing reel.

Alvey Allow Series 6500C8

Alvey is renowned for producing robust Aussie-made fishing reels with muscle and brawn, however the new C8 series offers an elegance that creatively wraps the most sophisticated yet practical fishing reel Alvey have ever made.

For ultimate strength, the ‘sporty’ precision-engineered 6500C8 is machined from a one-piece cold-forged marine-grade aluminium block.

A saltwater-resistant anodised coating further enhances the reel’s ability to handle the toughest conditions. The stainless steel back plate also boasts a beautifully crafted sturdy stainless steel ‘fish tail’ design cross. This braces the reel for extra strength when using the powerful 1:1 ratio retrieve during battles with extremely tough opponents.

The vented spool is 6mm narrower than the standard 650 series, which offers lower weight and easier access to the spool lip when casting. An oversized carbon-woven drag washer produces a silky smooth drag that helps apply maximum pressure with the least frictional resistance.

Some say it’s not how you play the game but how good you look, and with your new 6500C8 you will be the envy of your fishing mates. The striking new electro-polished handle-plate and metal coated handles demand attention and retain the ability to handle salt water.

The new Alvey 6500C8 offers the beach angler a reel that is unequalled for reputation, reliability, strength and power. With no gears and no bearings coupled with an ultra-smooth and powerful drag, you now have an Alvey fishing reel that’s not only formidable on the battleground but a beauty on the boardwalk.

The 6500C8 weighs 1.085kg, holds 500m of 9kg line and can apply 8-10kg of clutch pressure.

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