Atomic RealBaitz

Atomic RealBaitz are an incredible innovation from the Atomic stable.

The key to this range is the life-like appearance, feel and colour ways that resemble our most iconic bait species.

We used 3D scanners and printers to perfectly replicate some of the most popular bait species, right down to their fins.

We also carefully crafted the tail designs to ensure the lures swim like the real thing.

Real Baitz feature precise anatomical qualities of the species, right down to colours and the lure swimming action.

They are weighted to ensure the lure sinks with a downward swimming angle on the drop.

They can be fished as a soft plastic and will respond well to rod lifts or even a slow burn back to the angler.

Extensively tested on inshore and offshore species, these are as close to a real live bait as you will find.

Michael Starkey – Lure designer

Michael has spent much of his life fishing all over the Australia. His favourite however is fishing in his hometown of Ballina. He has guided Atomic from a specialist plastics company to a huge brand covering lures, rods and accessories.

“RealBaitz have been years in the making, first receiving prototypes in 2019. From there we have tweaked the designs multiple times until we have the most accurate pre-rigged bait in the world. We focused on Australian baitfish and the colours are taken from the real thing. The swim actions alone took countless hours and dozens of tail designs.


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