Brad Young

Bundaberg bags mixed offshore

KIND weather conditions provided offshore anglers the opportunity to head out to their favourite haunts and bag a few good fish. With sharks appearing to be an ever-present threat to a good fish – particularly if it is red – those anglers fishing less popular spots have landed a greater percentage of their hooked fish whole. Bundaberg bags Areas such …

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February flavours in Bundaberg

WITH good falls of rain together with new and full moon tides, mangrove jack and mud crabs have been a feature in the Bundaberg area over the past month. To say the rain was welcome would be an understatement, and we need more for the benefit of both the land and the waterways. Bundaberg February Prawns should also become a …

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Awesome options at Agnes Water/1770

AROUND 130km north of Bundaberg, the twin towns of Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy provide a range of great fishing and recreational opportunities. The small township of Agnes Water provides access to a patrolled surf beach for swimmers and board riders, a long beach with beachworms to catch and gutters to fish and a small shopping precinct. And Seventeen Seventy …

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