Gregg Chapman

Slow-pitch jigging tips

slow-pitch jigging

The first fish to come aboard with a new piece of jewellery was a good-sized grunter. It was high fives all round and a quick pic before it went straight into the Esky. With the first fish over the side, we all became a little more at ease and figured we might be in for a good day. Fishing these …

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Guide to Catching Flathead in Yeppoon

Flathead will sit here with their heads up in the current waiting for baitfish and prawns to come off the flats and banks. It’s not uncommon to see flathead in less than 15cm of water waiting for the last of the bait to nervously swim into the feeder drains. When the current slows and the creeks have fallen into one …

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How to Go Fishing With Kids (& Still Have Fun)

If a child hasn’t fished too much before, sitting on a snag and soaking a big live bait is a recipe for disaster. Generally this type of fishing requires patience and perseverance, and is something that kids can work towards. Land-based options abound on the Capricorn Coast and make for great locations to take keen little fishos to wet a …

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