Jack O'Brien

Unreal fishing experience for young fishos

fishing experience

As the day went on and we continued landing many more grassies and other smaller reef fish, we decided to head off to see if we could land a tuna before pulling the boat out of the water. With no luck in hooking a tuna, we both stopped fishing for a second and took in the awesome glassed-out conditions. While …

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Targeting Mangrove Jack from a Kayak

I knew exactly what I had hooked and had deliberately set my drag tight so there was no way this fish was dragging me into its home. This jack was doing everything it possibly could to snap me off, however the rudder system attached to my new kayak allowed me to easily manoeuvre my kayak and the fish out of …

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Sunshine Coast Kayaking and Fishing

MY name is Jack O’Brien and I am a young and passionate angler based on the Sunshine Coast. I love spending time on the water, exploring and taking on new adventures. When it gets to the weekend I spend most of my time kayaking in coastal waterways including canals and rivers. Fishing from a kayak is not only fun, it also gives …

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