John Boon

Top three species to target during barra closure


For me, it’s the worst time of year again. East coast saltwater barramundi season is closed now for the next three months. It’s tough not pursuing your number one interest but, as they say, as one door closes another one opens. There are three main species that I move my focus to when it’s closed barra season. The first is …

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Targeting saltwater barra in spring


October is an exciting month, though it’s a bit of a sad time too. You see, it’s the final month of the open saltwater barramundi season on the east coast. Which is not easy if you’re an absolute barra nut like me and many other local anglers – to stop chasing a fish you love so much – so make …

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Technical side of fishing soft vibes


In the previous issue, we started a discussion on using soft vibes. We discussed terminal tackle, types of soft vibes and fine tuning. This month, we’ll be looking into the more technical side of catching fish on soft vibration lures. The first topic I would like to cover is retrieves. There are so many ways you can work a soft …

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Winter options for Capricorn Coast


Winter has officially kicked off, so break out the warm clothes in preparation for the next three months. With the water temperature falling, summer species will start to slacken off a bit. They will still be well and truly catchable but may take a little more persuading to get them to open their mouths. It’s generally after we’ve had our …

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Shimano King of Kings Capricorn Coast wrap up


We are moving into one of the best months of the year, and not because it’s my birthday month… well, kind of… but because I would rate April as the best month of the year to chase most species in our beautiful part of the country. shimano The temperature during the day is comfortable and it’s starting to crisp up …

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Mud crab madness

I’m so glad we’re starting to see slightly cooler weather. Some of the days in summer were super humid and hot. I have to admit that, as I’m getting older, I do enjoy having the comfort of a bimini on the boat. The last trip I did with my daughter, we certainly needed it and then, on the next trip, …

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Barra are back


It’s been a long three month wait and I’m glad we’re at the end of it. Not being able to target one of your most favourite species is hard. Though the break does give you a chance to go back through your old diary notes and devise a plan as to what you could do differently for the coming year. …

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Fitzroy River Barra Bash 2022


I am a bit late with the report for the Fitzroy River Barra Bash, but as the old saying goes, better late than never. Way back in mid-October, the Frenchville Sports Club Fitzroy River Barra Bash was run and won. The biggest talking point about the competition in 2022 was the rain. The rain we had out west kept opening …

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Fingermark fever on Cap Coast


This month I was going to do a report on the Frenchville Barra Bash held back in October, but I’m still waiting on a few photos, so will hopefully get it together for next month. Instead, I’ll concentrate on golden snapper, or as most of us know them, fingermark. Pleasantly, I’m pleased to report that lately there has been a …

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Improving catches when it’s tough offshore

Tough offshore

I’VE been speaking to a lot of anglers who have been heading wide from Yeppoon targeting red emperor and large-mouth nannygai, and many of the reports are that the fishing has been quite tough offshore. The first thing I ask most anglers who are struggling is how far they have headed out from the marina and what tactics they used. …

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