Wade Turner

Wade is a freshwater fishing guide based in Toowoomba. He is the owner and operator of both Cod Hound Kayak Tours and Cod Hound Spinnerbaits, and hopes to share his knowledge of all things related to catching Australia’s iconic freshwater fish species.

The spin on spinnerbaits

Jason and I agree that the market doesn’t need more of the same old drab colours, and rather than cod seeing the same thing over and over, why not present them with something they’ve never seen before? I’ll be honest. Ninety percent of spinnerbaits on the market will catch fish – even the cheap and nasty $2 Chinese spinnerbaits, but …

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Murray Cod in Northern NSW

Not to mention an enjoyable discussion of Murray cod and lure making that added to our experience. When we arrived home in the wee hours of the morning it was bitterly cold and we sensed impending frost. We rose early to take advantage of the icy morning on Myall Creek. If you know cod fishing, you will know a frost …

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Darling Downs Golden Perch

There was something about that particular lure and its colour that really stirred up the fish. Straight after tying it on, I hooked three yellowbelly one after another. Simon also managed a couple of decent Murray cod at 60cm and 70cm. This just goes to show that no two river systems fish the same. It soon became apparent that regardless of what …

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