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Land-based squid fishing gear for Moreton Bay

squid fishing moreton bay

Over the coming months we will see lots of people heading out to our lovely Moreton Bay foreshores chasing arrow and tiger squid and in this write up we will talk about the squid fishing gear used and recommended for this particular type of fishing. Over the past 5 years EGI fishing has become a hit. It is a great …

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Forecast for Moreton Bay fishing in coming weeks

fishing forecast moreton bay fishing in coming weeks

Well this last week has been slow on the fishing front due to wind and bad weather. So this week we will forecast how the current weather will affect fishing in coming weeks. The rain we all prayed for has finally come. With some last week and continuing into this week/weekend a lot of people are asking what we think …

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Mud and sand crabs moving in Moreton Bay

mud and sand crabs moving moreton bay

After our recent rain we have seen great numbers of mud and sand crabs moving out of our creeks and inlets. Placing your pots at creek mouths or bay inlets around the 3 metre mark has produced the best results. The bait of choice has been mullet, chicken frames or fish frames. (Remember to tag and identify your pots within …

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ABT Casino Outdoor Bass Electric Grand Final


Over the past weekend the ABT Casino Outdoor Bass Electric Grand Final was held on the beautiful Richmond River at Coraki. This system is a tidal waterway that holds many different species but with bass being the target, over 30 Anglers took to the waters over 2 days to get the best 2 fish they could find. It was a …

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Moreton Bay sweetlip in the shallows

bay sweetlip

Well thanks to the warmer weather we have seen a great increase in Moreton Bay sweetlip numbers of late. These fish come back on the bite when the water temps get above 20 degrees Targeting sweetlips can be a heap of fun on light gear in the shallows as they pull hard for there size and love to run home …

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Wellington Point Marines weekend at AFTA

IT was that time of year again that all tackle shops head to the annual trade show known as AFTA. All companies at the show had something new to offer with some real standouts! This year came with a twist though as they held the first public day for the trade show. This provided the public attendance to see what …

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Bass on the chew in the dams

Over the past weekend I headed up north to chase some Australian bass in Lake Gregory, Bundaberg. This is a small dam that’s quite easy to get your head around if you already know a thing or two about bass. Most fish were sitting deep and eating 10g spoons and small blades. It was a hot session both days, with …

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More snapper in the bay!

Snapper on the chew in the bay. Finally, we are seeing more size to the snapper in the bay! Over the past few weeks we have had many reports of plagues of small squire been caught  throughout the bay. But after last weeks rain and a cold front hitting the bay, we are finally getting some decent sized fish out …

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BASS Electric round three at Maroon Dam

bass electric fishing maroon dam

The past weekend saw round 3 of the Casino Outdoors and Disposal BASS Electric Series round three held at Maroon Dam. Dale from Wellington Point Marine attended the BASS Electric event and writes. It was an early start to the morning getting up at 2am to travel to the dam. Arriving at 4am and getting the gear and boat ready …

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Tough bite on Gold Coast for Hobie round 7

hobie round 7 kayak series

The Hobie round 7 kayak series was held over the weekend on the Gold coast. We had over 80 entrants at this round, making it very busy on the waterways. Day 1 consisted of over half the field moving up from Southport (launch point) to the Nerang river. Fishing the canals was difficult for most as with so many kayaks …

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