bassday bungy cast

Bassday Bungy Cast new colours

ANNOUNCING two new colours to the versatile Bassday Bungy Cast range: C-264 and CT-287.

The Bungy Cast is a sinking lipless minnow perfect for casting swiftly into boil-ups and bust-ups. Its solid, heavy 30g weight gives it great castability. Cast it like a bullet at faraway fish that aren’t otherwise easily reachable. If you’re offshore or coastal fishing, this is the lure to throw in the middle of a live feed.

Catch mackerel, snapper, queenies, trevally and a heap of reef fish and pelagic species. Adding to Bassday’s range of bright colours, the Bungy Cast now comes in two new natural shades. These sleek, solid lures are easy prey because they look like the real, live bait.

The C-264 is a translucent silver with light muddy stripes and a blue UV ball that will lure fish and anglers alike – it’s underwater party time. CT-287 has a silver fleck with a translucent top and a shiny black head that looks just like a whitebait or pilchard.
RRP of the Bungy Cast is $32.50.

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