Be Better Equipped with PENN Tools

PENN knows anglers need more than typical fishing tackle.

If your boat is outfitted with all five pairs of new PENN Tools pliers, there will never be a need for MacGyver-style improvisation. There is a spring-loaded PENN plier designed for a wide range of applications.

A titanium black nickel coating wrapped over 304 and 420 stainless steel gives these tools the maximum level of hardness, durability and corrosive resistance. Each tool has passed PENN’s extreme 168-hour salt water and acid tests and the handles are non-slip and ergonomically shaped for comfort.

The 7” wire cutters have sturdy, sharp jaws to cut through stainless steel single-strand wire cable up to 0.84” thick.

This is a great companion to the 10” leader crimpers that can handle sleeves up to 0.08” in diameter.

The all-round use bull-nose pliers from PENN come in a 6.5” size that offers plenty of torque. The bull-nose pliers are also equipped with side-mounted cutting jaws that feature replaceable blades.

A 6.5” parallel plier is the ideal offshore plier for cutting wire, monofilament and hooks, with a design that produces extreme pressure on the jaws for heavy work while the bypass cutters actually cut instead of pinch.

RRP for PENN tools starts at $44.95. Visit for more information.

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