Berkley Gulp 2.5″ Grub

The all-new Berkley Gulp 2.5” Grub was painstakingly developed by Berkley engineers in the US to swim on superlight jig heads while remaining up right with minimum tail start up lag.

As soon as the Gulp 2.5” Grub hits the water, the tail goes into action, creating turbulence and distributing scent into the water column.

The Berkley research and development team have also spent many hours developing new clear colours to complement what could possibly be the best Berkley grub action since production, back in the 1980s.

Features include:

  • Offset tail design stops the bait from spinning
  • Tail designed to start up quickly on light jig heads for maximum hang time in strike zone
  • Built from the proven Gulp formula
  • Available in six great colours including new translucent colours
  • Torpedo ribbed body offers a variety of rigging options
  • Perfect for bream, bass and whiting.


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