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IS BOG OUT the world’s most practical vehicle recovery kit?

That’s the question four-wheel-drive enthusiasts raving about BOG OUT are asking inventor Paul Aubin.
Paul is a resourceful and inventive north Queensland family man who became obsessed with his invention of a vehicle recovery kit, which he deems a ‘must have’ for all 4WD owners.

Like many great innovations, BOG OUT is simple and effective in its concept. It is designed to be a harness that captures a bogged tyre, effectively turning wheels into winches. Simply attach one end of the BOG OUT to the bogged wheel and then secure the other end to something strong and sturdy.

All the driver has to do is simply drive slowly out of trouble. One of the many positive features of BOG OUT Vehicle Recovery Kits is they are so strong, yet light, compact and easy to store.
“They will easily tuck away under a seat, in the glovebox or in a small storage compartment of just about every vehicle,” Paul said.

“Try doing that with any of the other recovery gear on the market.” BOG OUT Vehicle Recovery kits are available in single or twin packs, and twin packs are highly recommended. Paul will be demonstrating how BOG OUT works at the National 4×4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo.

Paul said one of the most common questions he’s asked is: “How much strain will the BOG OUT take?”
The answer is BOG OUT is modular and more than one can be used. A single has been tested to four tonnes of pressure, and twin units a massive eight tones.

Independent testing organisations are researching and testing to define exact figures. The units are each 4.5m long and are effective in mud, sand and snow. BOG OUT vehicle recovery kits can be used for either forward or reverse driving and one person can successfully get a vehicle out of trouble.

The standard BOG OUT resembles a ladder and is 370mm wide with rungs spaced 280mm apart. This fits all 4WD tyre widths, and diameter doesn’t matter, with the BOG OUT team even using it on tractors. After use, simply wash the unit in water, dry and re-store in the handy back sack before stowing for future use.

A single person can undertake a BOG OUT recovery easily because BOG OUT does not rely on another vehicle, which is important when travelling independently off-road. Many enthusiasts have already declared BOG OUT as one of the most versatile, economical and reliable vehicle recovery devices available anywhere in the world.

Hand-made from exceptionally strong, high-quality materials, BOG OUT is designed, tested and made in Australia. “We’re looking to partner with more dealers and are very open to conversations with all retailers regarding becoming a BOG OUT sales dealer,” Paul said.

BOG OUT Vehicle Recovery Kits are available online at and the Australian dealer network is growing every week, with more 4WD accessory stores being added to the national dealer distribution network.

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