Broadwater whiting tips
Damo was thrilled to catch his first ever giant trevally on a charter with Brad Smith.

Broadwater whiting tips

Hi everyone, what crazy times we’re living in! Let’s hope this month is more settled. But whatever happens, there is always fishing to turn to for a fix of fun and nature. Broadwater whiting tips

The weather has been wild at times too, but we mustn’t forget that it is typical for this time of year. Broadwater whiting tips

We just have to get out fishing as often as possible when conditions are good enough. Broadwater whiting tips

My main focus this month will be targeting big summer whiting over the wonderful shallow flats of the southern Gold Coast Broadwater.

It is still peak season for these sporty fish and any rain we have enhances the fishing by cooling and dirtying the water.

Broadwater whiting tips
Henry was stoked with his personal best whiting on a charter with the author. These two measured 38cm and 40cm.

There are times when the shallow water gets too hot for good fishing.

My ideal tide for chasing big whiting is a low around 6am, which enables us to pump plenty of big yabbies and then wait for the cooler ocean water to flood the banks.

Whiting are then eager to explore the freshly covered sand for food.

Whether you are wading or fishing from a boat, it pays to keep moving often to find the schools of whiting that are constantly on the move.

February is also still a prime month for the big mangrove jack that the Gold Coast is famous for.

In the lead up to new and full moons, these powerful predators will feed aggressively, especially at night when they swim around in the open while hunting.

Broadwater whiting tips
Jason caught big summer whiting on a wading charter with the author.

They will smash soft vibes that are cast out and hopped along the bottom, occasionally right down the middle of river stretches.

They can also be caught during the day by casting 3 or 4” long paddle tail soft plastics or surface lures close to structure.

Expect to put in hundreds of casts per strike though.

If we have more rain this month, it will be a good time to also fish the deeper water near the mouth of the Seaway and the main channels between Biggera Waters and Paradise Point for mulloway.

I prefer to fish these areas with vibes, blades, yabbies and Ecogear Isome worms during neap tide times because you get the right amount of flow to turn the fish on and hold bottom while drifting.

The water is also a bit cooler in these spots when the shallows get too hot for the fish.

Broadwater whiting tips
Wazza caught and released this lovely 57cm mangrove jack during a trip with the author.

At this time of year, you will find good-sized tuskfish, summer whiting, school flathead, tarwhine, bream and a few trevally.

Brad Smith has been running his lure fishing charters at both the Tweed River and Gold Coast Broadwater, and catching a variety of fish on Samaki Vibelicious, Ecogear blades, Hurricane Slams and Pontoon 21 Crack Jack hard-bodies, including mangrove jack, flathead, trevally, bream and many more.

Once the water clears more, Brad will be running plenty of his ever-popular whiting charters using surface lures.

One of the greatest thrills in fishing is seeing a monster whiting charging at a MMD Splash Prawn or Bassday Sugapen lure.

To book on a charter with myself or Brad or if you have any fishing related questions, SMS 0432 990 302, email, find us on Facebook at Brad Smith Fishing Charters or our website

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