Boating Safety

Big fines for possessing threatened fish species


Failing to identify threatened species of fish combined with a poor understanding of the fishing rules has proven costly for several people fishing on the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers in the states southwest. A total of $15,000 in fines has been handed out to individuals during the month of February and the beginning of March who have been found in …

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MSQ is urging boaties to stay safe these Easter holidays


Martime Safety Queensland compliance officers will be on the water these holidays enforcing regulations around speeding and life jackets. MSQ’s summer holiday patrols saw high rates of boaties exceeding legal speed limits and not complying with life jacket rules. Most recreational boating deaths involve people not wearing life jackets. Maritime Safety Queensland is urging boaties to stay safe these Easter …

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Keeping mariners safe in military exercises


Queensland’s major trading ports will be hosting some of the world’s most powerful warships over the coming weeks with Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) playing a key support role in this year’s Exercise Talisman Sabre. Regional Harbour Masters in Brisbane, Gladstone, Townsville and Cairns are preparing to navigate the safe arrival and departure of vessels taking part in the biennial multinational …

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Boat prep basics and troubleshooting


For many anglers with boats, their boating knowledge was passed down through the generations. boat Either their parents or grandparents taught them the basics of putting the boat on and off the trailer, getting it on the water and starting it safely. Yet for those like me, who grew up in a country town and with no boater in the …

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Safety must always come first


This time last year we were predicting that Moreton Bay would be producing some cracker fish. Well… we were right! With some great boating weather being probable over the next few months, get everything ready now and not later.   Check your trailer, get your motor serviced and, most importantly, check your safety kit. Flares run out of date and …

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Overloading your boat


In a world where some people think that if anything goes wrong, it must automatically be someone else’s fault, there’s at least one very obvious exception – that’s boating. The moment you turn the key, dip the paddle, hold on to an oar or push away from the riverbank or beach, you are not only in charge of delivering fun …

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Tips from Move Boat Trailers – Part 3

Move Boat Trailers

AS part of its newly released trailer tips series, trailer powerhouse Move Boat Trailers looks to debunk trailer maintenance and to simplify the process for all boaters. As the power beneath all vessels while on the road, trailer maintenance is as important as maintaining your boat. A good quality well looked after trailer ensures your prized possession is as safe …

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It’s all good fun until it’s not

Nautilus Insurance

YouTube is peppered with videos of Americans having fun in their boats. And some of the boats are truly spectacular – banks of outboards on the back, perhaps 1-2000hp behind $1-2 million worth of boat. The only thing small on them are the swimsuits. Nautilus At the other extreme, there are the compact runabouts and every other vessel in between. …

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Tips from Move Boat Trailers

Move boat trailers

As more people hit the road to experience the great outdoors via boat, Move Boat Trailers expert Adam Crossley reveals his top tips in boat trailering to curb common reservations around manoeuvrability and operation. While perceived as one of the most difficult aspects of owning a watercraft, trailering to a secluded location to enjoy boat and camping adventures can be …

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Volunteer Marine Rescue and Coast Guard Queensland

Volunteer Marine Rescue

THESE two outfits offer volunteer marine search and rescue services to the boating public across 2700km of Queensland coastline. For a paltry $77 per year you can receive these services with no other charges. If you are not a member, it can cost a fortune to have either of these services called out to your boat in distress, especially the Volunteer …

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