Yellowpatch on Curtis Island

WHEN people think of Curtis Island these days, it’s often in association with the new coal seam gas plants that have been erected there. And while the trio of plants certainly dominate the view of the island from Gladstone Harbour, it is by no means typical of the rest of this large Curtis Coast feature. Yellowpatch Curtis Island Curtis Island …

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Canoe sailing on Somerset’s dams

canoe sailing

IT’S no secret to anyone who has known me for more than 30 seconds that I’m a huge fan of canoes. The primary reason for this is their incredible versatility – one simple craft can perform so many tasks. One of my personal favourites, aside from paddling of course, is canoe sailing. Canoes have a relatively stable and efficient hull …

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Paddling the picturesque Mary River

paddling mary river

And that’s why the Mary River is one of my favourite paddling destinations. What the Mary offers better than most other locations in Queensland is a trail. A trail offers a challenge and some excitement on a paddling journey. It gives a traveller a sense of purpose, a one-way journey through new country with new things to experience around each bend …

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Rosco Bass Catcher review

You could see the wake behind the outriggers and stern of the boat, which gives a good indication of speed. Again, you may not use the sail every time but it does add to its versatility and turns this canoe into a multi-use craft. So if you are after more than just an ordinary canoe and want to expand your …

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