A few reefies for a feed – locally and up north

With the seasons rolling along, it won’t take long for the water to warm up in preparation for the onslaught of pelagic fish. The whales have been heading south for over a month now and the first few chirps of cicadas in the trees is a sure way to tell that warm weather and water are on their way. reefies …

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A successful snapper sortie with Mum

snapper sortie Mum

It had been a while since I took my mum out fishing. Last time she came out with me we caught a few teraglin, discovered the leatherjacket were too thick to fish successfully and then came across Migaloo the white whale and spent an hour with him. With a good forecast recently, we planned another adventure together. A phone call …

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Exceptional fishing expected offshore through October

G’day champions, it’s been a while since I shared information on what’s biting around the Gold Coast but it’s good to be back. With the constant battle of getting through this pandemic, fishing when we’re able to has been a great way to keep minds at ease. fishing offshore october Offshore in October will hopefully produce the same exceptional fishing …

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It’s Goldilocks time on Northern Rivers

Goldilocks Northern Rivers

Hello all, spring has certainly sprung on the Northern Rivers with several of our summer species starting to make their presence known over the past month. The weather is starting to warm up and the best part is that while some summer species are starting to make an appearance, the winter species haven’t totally left us yet. I do love …

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Chasing a feed of flathead

Chasing flathead

Fishing along the Clarence Coast of northern NSW has once again been affected by a series of strong to gale-force wind and extremely large swells, but having said that the anglers who have been able to fish during the quieter periods still managed to rustle up a half decent feed of flathead, bream and school jewfish. Chasing flathead Inside the …

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Magic Moreton Island

Howdy, with our planned annual trip to Fraser cancelled due to COVID travel restrictions, we decided to stay and fish locally instead. This required a quick rethink of plans based around tides and forecasted conditions, and our much more limited knowledge of Moreton Island when compared to Fraser. Magic Moreton Island Our trip could probably best be described in terms …

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Southern Moreton Bay shallow water success

Tips on water temp and depth for flathead Southern Moreton Bay The fishing has been going reasonably well, having caught a few nice fish in the shallows around the Moreton Bay islands. When we talk about shallows, we’re fishing in water depths of 2-6m for squire or snapper and anything from 0.5-2m for flathead. With bream, most of them are …

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Swain Reefs redemption – Part 1

After a disappointing experience at Swain Reefs a few years ago, Helaine decided to bite the bullet and organise a redemption trip, as both she and Schombie couldn’t really tick it off their bucket lists after the way the previous sortie had panned out. They decided to go with a different operator and do a custom charter this time around, …

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Trailer boat trips to Fraser Island

Fraser Island – it’s a fishing and boating paradise and, to me, it is simply one of the greatest places on earth. For all its beauty though, Fraser can be a brutal place at times, with many boats and four-wheel-drives coming undone on its soft white sands. Trailer boat trips to Fraser Island can be very rewarding but it’s important …

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Water temp and action heat up on Capricorn Coast

September Capricorn

Well, we weathered the storm and have come out the other side – winter is now officially behind us. Pack away the Ugg boots and tracksuit pants and watch the water temperature start to rise. September is a great time to get back into those prime estuary species. September Capricorn Metabolic rates will be on the increase and tropical species …

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