Using drones to protect our fisheries

drones qld fisheries

QUEENSLAND Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers are putting an eye in the sky to help protect our state’s fisheries resources with drones being deployed at key locations. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said a fleet of 10 drones would be used by compliance officers to extend their surveillance reach. “By its nature, Queensland Boating and Fisheries …

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New ReelX lubricant and corrosion inhibitor

ReelX lubricant and corrosion inhibitor

REELX is the new high-tech, extreme-pressure reel lubricant that virtually eliminates wear, disrupts existing corrosion and prevents new corrosion of any kind. ReelX is the perfect choice for all spinning and casting reels. Starting with CorrosionX core technology, a package of extreme-pressure additives were added. ReelX contains no wax, tar, silicone or other solids, so it will never gum up. …

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Brad Smith’s tactics for targeting flathead – part 2

brad smith targeting flathead

G’DAY everyone, in last month’s article we discussed locations for finding flathead and this month we will discuss options for targeting flathead with lures. Deepwater jigging or ‘tea bagging’ soft plastics and vibes is a very effective way to target flathead in both deep holes and channels 5m and deeper. In last month’s article I shared a screenshot from my …

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Shark Control Program to protect swimmers gets a big budget boost

shark control program queensland

THE Queensland Government is investing an additional $17.1 million over four years in its Shark Control Program in the 2019-20 budget to ensure even greater swimmer protection and safety at the state’s most popular swimming beaches. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said the funding would continue the operation and maintenance of the Shark Control Program, while …

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Moura Muddy Water Family Fishing Classic wrap-up 2019

moura muddy water fishing classic 2019

THE Dawson River at Moura was looking about as good as it gets, with clear water and plenty of it for the 2019 Moura Muddy Water Family Fishing Classic. Fantastic weather all weekend and the community got together for an awesome weekend. Not quite but close to record numbers of fish were caught and weighed in at the two weigh …

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Bait fishing the Mackay estuaries

fishing mackay estuaries

AFTER the recent weeks of strong southeasterly wind and patches of heavy falls, the Mackay estuaries have had a bit of a flush with fresh water. These freshwater run-offs into the estuaries can create perfect fishing conditions, even in the least favourable weather. The weather sure hasn’t give us much chance for anything else of late, with trips out wide …

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Wetting a line in Weipa

fishing Weipa

AFTER a particularly long wet season up here on western Cape York, it’s finally over and the Peninsula Development Road is officially open, signalling the start of tourist season. In coming months, adventurers, grey nomads and anglers alike will descend on Weipa from all over Australia with the intention of wetting a line in the waters around this little slice …

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Fish numbers and size increasing through Moreton Bay

fish numbers and size increasing brisbane

WE have seen a few good weather windows over the past month and hopefully June will prove to be a cracker and we can all get out there and grab a feed. I have been getting around the Moreton Bay area and have received encouraging reports as well. Everything is pointing towards a good season for tailor, whiting, flathead and …

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Black market fishing could land you in jail

fined black market activities brisbane black market fishing

HEAVIER fines and jail time of up to three years awaits anyone who trades fish on the black market. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said it was one of several changes to the Fisheries Act that had now taken effect. “Anyone found guilty of black marketing or trafficking in fish is looking at fines of up …

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National Carp Control Plan on track to deliver

national carp control plan carp control carp

THE National Carp Control Plan remains on track to be delivered to the Australian Government in December 2019. It is addressing the questions: is it feasible to release the carp herpes virus to control carp? If so, what is the most effective way to release and manage the virus? Results from over 19 projects addressing these questions are now coming …

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