Noosa River jacks and jews


December is upon us, which normally means lots of hot weather. So far this spring, the temperature has stayed relatively low. This has kept the water temperature down, which can keep certain species quiet. Mangrove jack are one fish that thrive in a higher water temperature. Thankfully the lower-than-normal water temperature hasn’t stopped them from causing havoc among anglers. All …

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Next gen intro to K’gari


K’gari is a magical place and I’ve been very fortunate to have had the pleasure of visiting it since I was a kid. I still have fond memories of my first trip to Lake McKenzie as a young boy with my family, swimming in the crystal-clear water and watching turtles play. This year, I headed back on my annual camping …

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Freshwater anglers reap fish habitat trial rewards


Log cabins and synthetic trees are part of a successful trial of fish-attracting structures in Queensland, which could be the boon freshwater fishers have been angling for. Recreational fishing is meant to be about the journey. You’re out in the elements, convening with nature and practising the kind of mindfulness people often pay good money for. But let’s be honest, …

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Cape York trip


Hello, it’s been a while since I submitted a story to this publication for the simple reason that I had nothing worth writing about. But that has changed now, as I’ve returned home from my annual trip up to Cape York with a friend. This year, 82-year-old Eddy Bloomfield joined me on my sortie around Weipa. We would have left …

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Good results lure fishing Iluka Bluff


Fishing along the Clarence Coast of northern NSW during September was fair to middling, with good numbers of jewfish being taken from inside the Clarence River along the breakwalls and around the headlands. Whiting started to show up inside the river and increase in both size and numbers, and this trend should only continue to improve as we head into …

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Hot beach fishing action on K’gari trip


Hi folks, I’m recently back from a 10-night trip to K’gari – previously called Fraser Island – and what a trip it was! In the 26 years of fishing the island, that was probably the best all-round fishing we’ve had on both the east and western sides of the island. This trip to K’gari was timed to coincide with a …

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Fishing beaches and breakwalls on the Clarence Coast

fishing beaches and breakwalls clarence coast

WITH every river along the east coast of Australia experiencing flooding recently, catches of flathead, bream and jewfish should dominate the fishing scene this month. Fishing beaches and breakwalls will be the best method for wetting a line. As clean water begins to push back upstream, the lower reaches will produce good catches. Large pelagic species such as mackerel and …

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Patience equals one metre and seven centimetres


IF fishing teaches you anything, it’s patience. Patience is a virtue rarely seen in an adult and even more rarely observed in a 10-year-old. Recently, my youngest of three amazing boys achieved what many of us only dream about: his first metre-long barramundi. Having spent many years in the Townsville sport fishing and game fishing clubs, at a time when my …

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Tilapia fishing around Brisbane

tilapia fishing brisbane

EVER since I can remember going fishing as a youngster, tilapia were a regular catch from Oxley Creek and North Pine Dam. Unfortunately, tilapia have rapidly spread in the past decade and seem to have infested almost every waterway. I live near Oxley in the western suburbs and while riding bikes with the kids have observed the populations of tilapia …

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Camping closures for Easter 2020 in Queensland

Kedron Moreton Island

Camping Closures – As part of the Queensland Governments response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) and to help keep Queenslanders safe, a decision has been made to close ALL camping areas within Queensland national parks, state forests and recreation areas as of 26 March 2020 applies until 30 June 2020 or unless otherwise advised. Four-wheel drive trails, mountain bike trails, walking tracks …

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