Jew lessons from Lisa Simpson

I LEARNT early in my jewfish targeting career that they can be finicky feeders at times, especially when using live bait such as mullet. By that I mean, one day jewfish will swallow the bait right down into the gut and the next they will slam it and kill it all within seconds. Jew lisa simpson In the 1980s, when …

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Weedless soft plastics guide

THE weather is warming and we’re starting to see more bass, barramundi and mangrove jack photos popping up on social media. Many of the photos feature a soft plastic and a weedless jig head locked firmly in the jaw hinge of the fish, making it difficult for it to throw or dislodge the jig head during the fight. weedless soft …

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Life after barra closure

WITH the Gulf of Carpentaria barramundi season closing on October 7, and the east coast due on November 1, it’s time to look at targeting other species. This closed season only applies to recreational fishers in Queensland waters. after barra It is perhaps ironic – and provides a huge promotional and economic boost – that our sister state the Northern …

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Oil and gas infrastructures become fish havens

Fish hven

A project funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation explores the pros and cons of leaving old oil and gas infrastructures in the waters off Karratha in northern Western Australia as they are now home to a myriad of marine species with these oil and gas infrastructures becoming fish havens. “Fish populations around some of the platforms near Thevenard …

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Biomass of redthroat emperor at a healthy level

Biomas redthroat emperor

The latest stock assessment of redthroat emperor (Lethrinus miniatus) has estimated the spawning biomass of the population to be 72 percent and at healthy levels. The spawning biomass is the total weight of fish that have reached sexual maturity and are capable of reproducing. The stock assessment uses a mathematical model to estimate the biomass—based on data from commercial logbooks, …

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Fishers fined $15,000 for concealing mud crabs

mud crab

Two fishers have been fined $15,000 for attempting to conceal illegal mud crabs in a wheelie bin at Hope Island. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers searched a property and found a bag of 21 live mud crabs (including 13 undersize male and 8 females) hidden under rubbish in a wheelie bin, despite being told several times that there were …

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Deep edge flathead fishing fun

RECENTLY, while taking advantage of the good weather and fishing local rivers and estuaries with soft plastics, we encountered a neap tide or two. A neap tide occurs just after the first or third quarters of the moon, when there is least difference between high and low water, and anglers often use the phrase ‘no run, no fun’ because the …

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QYSEA FIFISH V6 underwater drone review

I would like to talk a little about a new product, that over the past six months I’ve had the privilege to become the main Australian affiliate for, and that’s the FIFISH V6 underwater drone from QYSEA. No doubt many of you would have seen my videos on Facebook showcasing what this machine can do. This drone can dive to …

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Responding to increased illegal fishing on the Great Barrier Reef

Day and night, in the air and on the water — Great Barrier Reef Marine Park compliance patrols will be out in force during the September school holidays and the October long weekend, particularly at known illegal fishing hotspots. Reef authorities continue to call on recreational fishers to follow the law when visiting the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, …

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Routine patrol catches illegal fisher in the act

A man has been caught in possession of 98 illegal yabby nets containing 106kg of yabbies in the Warrego River in Western NSW last month. During a routine patrol, NSW DPI Fisheries Officers in the North West of the State conducted surveillance on a number of Opera House Yabby Traps set in the waters of the Warrego river, near Bourke. …

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